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The interface is simple and straightforward, all main options are visible at a glance
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DSynchronize main window screenshot  DSynchronize can work in realtime, in bidirectional mode and in timer mode
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 DSYNCHRONIZE v2.48 (Windows)

International Language Packs

Language pack Italiano Italian (By Edoardo Piparo & Marco Braidotti - Taf)

Language pack Francese French (By Olivier Orlianges)

Language pack Tedesco German (By Dani)

Language pack Spagnolo Spanish (By SySmcn & Andres Fulco & Jose Lage)

Language pack Catalan Catalan (Albert Barta)

Language Pack Polacco Polish (By Jaroslaw)

Language Pack Slovacco Slovak (By Rene Kuzica)

Language pack Greco Greek (By Geogeo)

Language pack Koreano Korean (By Sushizang)

Language Pack Repubblica Ceca Czech Republic (By Alfox)

Language pack Brasiliano Brazilian (By Victor Bonalume)

Turkish Language Pack Turkish (By Abdullah SARAÇOĞLU)

Chinese Language Pack Chinese (CHS) (By Cyber Cowboy)

Language Pack Russia Russian (By Pavel Melnikov & Valerij Romanovskij)

Language Pack Svezia Svedish (By Ċke Engelbrektson)

Language Pack Norvegia Norwegian (By Odd-Steinar Mathisen)

Language Pack Danimarca Danish (By Hans Peter Schultz)

Language Pack Dutch Dutch (By Bert van 't Hof)

Language Pack Tamil Tamil (By Anish Prabu)

Template for Translators: To create a language pack you can use this template.

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